Filing with Stock Exchanges

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1 Notice of 260th Board Meeting
2 Outcome of 260th Board Meeting
3 Press Release
4 Book Closure and Record Date Intimation
5 43rd Annual Report along with Notice of AGM
7 Proceedings of 43rd Annual General Meeting
8 Press Release titled "43rd AGM of KIOCL Ltd."
9 Voting Results for the 43rd AGM
10 Dividend Payment date
11 Notice of 261st Board Meeting
12 Notice of Cancellation of 261st Board Meeting
13 Closure of Trading Window
14 Regulation 74 (5) Depositories and Participants Reg. 2018
15 Regulation30ofSEBILODRCreditRating
16 Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015 – Information about signing of Memorandum of Understandings by KIOCL Ltd.
17 Regulation74(5)DepositoriesandParticipants
18 Trading Window Closure
19 Disclosure of Related Party Transactions
20 Notice of 258th Board Meeting
21 Secretarial Compliance Report for FY ended 31st March 2019
22 Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulation, 2015 – Signing Of Tripartite MOU
23 ConfirmationRegardingLargeCorporateEntity
24 Regulation 74(5) SEBI Depositories and Participants Regulations 2018
25 Press Release
26 Trading Window Closure
27 Outcome of 258th Board Meeting
28 Regulation 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulation, 2015 – Information about Production of Pellets
29 Outcome of 257th Board Meeting
30 Notice of 257th Board Meeting
31 Press Release
32 Outcome of 256th Board Meeting
33 Rescheduling of 256th Board Meeting
34 Notice of 256th Board Meeting
35 Press Release
36 Press Release
37 Appointment of Director Commercial
38 Appointment of Company Secretary
39 Appointment of Non Official Independent Director
40 Extension of Tenure Of Non Official Independent Director
41 Intimation of loss of Share Certificate
42 Press Release
43 Change in Company Secretary / Compliance Officer
44 Outcome of 255th Board Meeting
45 Revised date of 255th Board Meeting
46 Cancellation of 255th Board Meeting
47 Rescheduling of 255th Board Meeting
48 Notice of 255th Board Meeting
49 Public Announcement
50 Board Resolution - Buy-Back
51 Record Date For BuyBack
52 OutCome of 253rd Board Meeting
53 Board Meeting to consider Buy-Back of Shares and Closure of Trading Window
54 Registration of trademark 'KUDREMUKH WITH HORSE FACED LOGO'
55 Dividend Payment date
56 42nd AGM Voting Results
57 Press Release on 42nd AGM
58 Outcome of 42nd AGM
59 Book Closure Intimation
60 Notice of 42nd AGM
61 Press Release
62 252nd Board Meeting & Closure of Trading Window
63 Registration of trademark 'KUDREMUKH' in the name of KIOCL Limited
64 Extension of Additional Charge of the post of Director (Commercial)
65 Credit rating for Bank Facilities
66 Addl. charge of DC to CMD Extension
67 Outcome of Board Meeting
68 Notice of 251st Board Meeting
69 Intimation of Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate
70 Addl. charge of DC to CMD
71 Revised Record Date
72 Outcome of 250th Board Meeting
73 Notice of 250th Board Meeting
74 Intimation of loss of Share Certificate
75 Press Release
76 Appointment of CMD